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African American Funeral Program & Obituary Collection

This page is created with the intention of providing information for family researchers and historians willing to share data, and seeking information about death records and funeral programs. Because of the geographic focus of the collection---mostly Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma---the information on this page will provide an opportunity for researchers to share data with others.

The names included in the following links are taken from either, funeral programs or obituaries or death certificates that have been collected. Many are from Ft. Smith records, and funeral program while many others are from Oklahoma funeral programs, or newspaper obituaries. The info provided on the page is taken from a database that has been constructed.

The purpose of the collection is to give African American researchers an opportunity to share data with, and obtain data from others. You are invited to particate by either forwarding a copy or copies(photocopy acceptable) of funeral programs, and/or newspaper obituaries,of a desceased person that can uploaded to the database on this page. The only requirement for submission, is that the funeral program(s) being listed must pertain to a person either born or died in the two state area of the Arkansas / Oklahoma region.

In addition, you may also request a copy of one of the funeral programs, or obituaris the database, for the cost of $1 to cover postage and copying charges and $.50 for each additional record. The purpose is to offer the opportunity for researchers to share data with each other. If you are submitting a funeral program for inclusion on the database you can request one free of charge for each program that you submit.

(No personal family information is on the page to protect the privacy of those family members who survived the desceased person.)

In many instances funeral programs are very helpful for genealogists. They tell where a person was born, and when they are born. Many times the parents of the