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Slaves Buried in Historic Fairview Cemetery, Van Buren, Arkansas
These names represent the names of persons buried in Fairview Cemetery that through research, have been identified as having been born enslaved. Some were born as slaves in other states and migrated to NW Arkansas after being freed from bondage. Others were enslaved in Crawford County and remained there.

Sources of data for this list, came from Civil War pension files, newspaper obituaries from Van Buren, Federal Census records, the Sexton records of Fairview cemetery, and death certificates. Many were buried without markers. Those that have markers are identified with links to their headstones.

Charlotte Agnew B 1844 D 1865
Joseph Bain 1841-1880
Rose Banks 1856-1918
Addie Howell Bates 1848-1872
James Bates 1846-1916
Charles Bean 1846-1931
Green Bean 1846-1917
William Bean 1859-1909
Sara Abston Brown 1851-1920
George Burns 1841-1892
Rev. J. W. Bush 1864 HEADSTONE
Amanda Campbell HEADSTONE
Charley Campbell 1852-1918
General E. Campbell 1820-1899
Randall Chatman HEADSTONE
Eliza Gross Chew 1835-1916
Cordelia Clark 1842-1918
Charles Clements 1864-1909 HEADSTONE
Dinah Clements 1843-1911 HEADSTONE
Newton Clements 1844-1916
Carrie Clinkscales 1856-1916
Addison Cravens HEADSTONE
Franklin Davenport 1854-1920
Henrietta Davenport 1859-1933 HEADSTONE
Mary Davenport 1846-1882
Edward Dickinson 1820-1882
Harriet Dickinson 1845 HEADSTONE
Patrick Drennen HEADSTONE
Susie Elom 1858-1941 HEADSTONE
Henrietta Gaines 1776-1876
Liza Gross 1835-1916
Jonas Hayes 1839-1909
Fannie Lacy Henderson 1833-1918
George Hill 1847-1914 HEADSTONE
Maggie Bates Hollowell 1862-1916
Charles Howell 1861-1953 HEADSTONE
Minnie Hunting 1863-1938 HEADSTONE
Benjamin Johnson 1846-1889 HEADSTONE
Charley Johnson HEADSTONE
Eugenia Berry King 1854-1896
James King 1864-1951 HEADSTONE
Samuel King 1852 – 1882
Catherine Knox 1821-1860
Myra Neal 1789-1903
George Pennywitt 1834 – 1886
Hetttie Perkins 1849-1851
Juda Pernot 1788-1858
George Randolph 1838 1924
Annie Marie Jordon Riley 1840-1912
John Riley 1844-1917 HEADSTONE
Marceller Robinson 1845-1917
Solomon Seals 1855-1918
Eli Sheppard 1844-1920
Parilee Stewart 1821-1915 HEADSTONE
John Talkington(Tuckington) 1832-1864 HEADSTONE
Lydia Talkington 1830-1898 HEADSTONE
Jane Hogue Tatum 1850-1921
Mat Tatum 1849-1918
David Thompson 1855-1916
Anna Tibbetts 1829-1926
Mary Bean Trice 1832-1917 HEADSTONE
Emily Turner 1847-1962
Richard Turner 1831-1901 HEADSTONE
Walden (Child) 1861-1861
Matilda Walden 1820-1895 HEADSTONE