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Choctaw Freedmen Admitted to Citizenship 1885

1st District
The persons whose names appear below are those Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedmen adopted in 1885, by the Choctaw Nation. These names are recorded from the 1885 census taken the year of the formal adoption of the Africans into the nation. They are recorded in the order in which they appear on the record. Genealogists are encouraged, however, to refer to the official records for additional notations about the freedmen listed below, including, their personal property, acres of land cultivated and more. The names are placed here as a reference, and should direct researchers to the original records that can be found at the National Archives Microfilm publication 7RA-63 (Note--Those lines with 2 names contain the names of the Choctaw Slave Owner as listed on the 1885 Census. If the nationality of the enrollee was Chickasaw, it is noted next to their name as listed on the 1885 Census.)

Name of citizen / Slave Owner
Watson Brown / Rhoda Brown
John Brown
Aaron Brown
George Brown
Agnes Brown
Caroline Washington / Mrs. Betts
Benjamin Washintgon
Jerry McKinney / Barnett Davenport
Lovena Hogan / Mrs. Betts
Ezella Hogan
Thaddeus Hughbanks
Andrew Hughbanks/ Aaron Harlan
Aaron Hughbanks
Eddie Hughbanks
Nancy Mayers / Alfred Daniels *
Thomas Blackwater / Doran Watkins
Ann Blackwater / Kennedy McCurtain
Cornelius Blackwater
Becca Blackwater
Albert Cheadle / James Cheadle
Adaline Cheadle / Jack Riddle
Smith Brown / Tecumseh Brown
Phebe Brown / J. G. Ainsworth
Eliza Waters / Wm. Holloway
Mary Waters
Robert Waters
Squire Waters
William James / J. G. Ainsworth
Felix James
Alex Sexton / Calvin Pusley
Leytha Sexton / Tecumseh Brown
Isaac Brown
Annie Brown
Easther Folsom / Peter Folsom
Richard Brashers / Macy Brown
Daisey Brashers(Chickasaw) /Peter Folsom
Nathan Graves (Chickasaw)/ Macy Brown
Manda Mackey
Moses Brown / Ellen Brown
Ellen Brown / Edmond Spring
Ada McKinney
Louis McKinney
Sallie Brown
Jerry Brown
Smith Brown
James Cole / William Harris
Caesar Boyd (Chickasaw)/William Harris
Sophia Boyd (Chickasaw)/Dr. James Boyd
Mobile Boyd (Chickasaw) /Dr. James Boyd
Emma Boyd / Alfred Daniels
Isam Boyd
Mannia Boyd
Rosa Boyd
Mahal Boyd
Hattie Boyd
Bettie Anderson / John Anderson
Malinda Brown / Jolin Anderson
Sqauire Hall / Walker Folsom
Wash. Brown (Chickasaw)/Tecumseh Brown
Rosa Wilson / Mrs. Blackburn
Jacob Lewis (Chickasaw)/ Sidney Burris
Jennie Lewis (Chickasaw)/ Cannon Brown

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