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Chickasaw Freedmen

The Chickasaw Freedmen are one of the more interesting groups of slaves and ex-slaves within the freedmen group. It is this group of individuals who never realized the acceptance by the former slave owners as the other four freedmen groups received. From the time of emancipation (1866) until Oklahoma receiving statehood, the Chickasaw Freedmen were not considered to be citizens of either the United States nor the Chickasaw Nation.

This is not to say the Chickasaw Freedmen did not attempt to gain their citizenship within the Nation, but there efforts could be compared to any Civil Rights struggle that manifested itself anywhere in the country prior or subsequent to their emancipation.

Published research pertaining to this class of ex-slaves is practically non existent. Aside from the superb work written by Dr. Daniel F. Littlefield Jr., the scholarship concerning this group has yet to be published. Interestingly enough, it may be this group of ex-slaves and their descendants that will provide an interesting look into the political dynamics that make the Chickasaw Nation one of the most powerful groups in America during their heyday.

~Terry Ligon, Chickasaw Freedman Descendant~
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Choctaw-Chickasaw Treaty of 1866