Black Cherokees

This list of surnames represent the names of the freedmen who were adopted through the Dawes Commission, between 1898 and 1916. Note that many of these names appear in other Indian nation lists, and their appearance here does not provide absolute proof of Black Indian Ancestry. In addition to these items, it is recommended that the researcher obtain as much oral history as possible on the family, and then locate the Dawes records on the family, including the names of ancestors on the Enrollment Cards and other pertinent records.


A		Cordrey		Hall		Mathews		Ross
Adair		Cornish		Hamilton	Mayberry	Roster
Adams		Cotton		Hanks		Mayes		Rowe
Alberty		Cox		Hardman		Mayfield	
Aldrich		Crapo		Hardrick	Mayo		S
Allen		Cravens		Harlan		McClure		Sales
Alrid		Crawford	Harland		McConnel	Sanders
Alwell		Crippen		Harlin		McConnell	Sango
Anderson	Crittendon	Harper		McCoy		Scales
Armnstrong	Crockett	Harris		McCrackin	Scarborough
Arnsby		Crossland	Hayes		McCullough	Schaefer
Austin		Crossley	Henderson	McCurtain	Schrimsher
		Cruthfield	Hickey		McDade		Scott
B		Curls		Hicks		MaDaniel	Shankling
Baker		Curtis		Hight		McDaniels	Shannon
Baldridge			Hill		McElroy		Shepard
Ballard		D		Holt		McIntosh	Sheppard
Barden		Dalton		Homes		McLain		Silk
Barker		Daniels		Hopkins		McNack		Simmons
Barlow		Dansby		Howell		McNair		Skates
Barnes		Davis		Hudson		McQueen		Slater
Beam		Dawn		Huff		McWaters	Smith
Bean		Day		Hughes		Meadonw		Snow
Beck		Dean		Humphreys	Meigs		Spight
Beeson		Deaton		Humpries	Melton		Stanton
Bell		Deckman		Humphry		Merrell		Starr
Benge		Delswood	Hunter		Middleton	Stidman
Benton		DeMumber	Huston		Milam		Stidmon
Berlone		Dennis				Miller		Still
Berry		Derrick		I		Minnus		Sumner
Bird		Dickson		Ireland		Minsy		Sumpter
Birdson		Diges		Irons		Mitchell	Sutton
Blackhawk	Dixon		Irven		Monday		Swan
Blackwell	Dotson		Ivory		Moore		Swepston
Blair		Dowling				Morgan		Sykes
Black		Drew		J		Morris		
Blunt		Duncan		Jackson		Muldrow		T
Blythe				James		Mundis		Taylor
Bolin		E		Jamison		Munson		Terry
Boone		Eagle		Jenkins		Musgrove	Theodore
Boudinot	Eastman		Jimison				Thomas
Bowles		Eaton		Johnson		N		Thompson
Bowlin		Ebb		Jones		Nalls		Thornton
Boyd		Edwards				Nash		Townsend
Bradford	Elliott		K		Nave		Tucker
Brady		Ellis		Kell		Nelson		Tyner
Brannon		Escoe		Kelly		Nero		
Braves		Evans		Kemp		Nivens		V
Break-bill			Kernel		Nolen		Van Zant
Brewer		F		Keys				Vann
Brown		Fields		Kilpatrick	O		
Bruce		Fleeks		King		Owens		W
Bruner		Flowers		Kircum				Wade
Bryant		Flynn		Kirk		P		Wagoner
Buckler		Folsom		Kirby		Pack		Walker
Buckner		Ford				Paine		Wallace
Buddington	Foreman		L		Parker		Ward
Buford		Foster		Laflace		Parks		Warren
Burgess		Francis		Landrum		Parris		Washington
Burney		Frazier		Lane		Patterson	Watie
Bursby		Freekman	Lang		Pee		Watkins
Burton		French		Langston	Penn		Watson
Butler		Fry		Lasley		Pennington	Wear
Byrd		Fulsome		Ledman		Perry		Weaver
		Funkhauser	Lee		Perryman	Webb
C		Funter		Leek		Petit		Webber
Caesar				Lephew		Pettitt		Welch
Caldwell	G		Lett		Pinder		Welcome
Calvin		Ganies		Lewis		Poorboy		West
Campbell	Garlington	Lilpe		Porlar		White
Canard		Garnett		Linsey		Porter		Whitemire
Carbin		Garrett		Little		Posell		Whitmire
Carr		Gaskins		Logan		Powell		Whickliff
Carson		Gentry		Lorens		Price		Whiggins
Carter		Gibson		Litt		Purtle		Williams
Cates		Gilds		Love				Willis
Chambers	Givens		Lovely		R		Wilson
Charles		Glass		Lowe		Ragsdale	Winters
Chase		Goff		Lowery		Ratcliff	Wofford
Chatman		Goldsby		Luckey		Ray		Wilfe
Childres	Graves		Luther		Reed		Woodall
Choate		Gray		Lynch		Reese		Woodard
Chouteau	Grayson		Lyons		Reeves		Woods
Chukelaste	Green				Reid		Workman
Clagget		Griffin		M		Reynolds	Wright
Clark		Grimmett	Mabry		Richardson	
Clay		Grobes		Macken		Rider		Y
Clifton		Groomer		Mackey		Riley		Young
Clinch		Grooms		Mackum		Roach		Youngblood
Coast		Grye		Madden		Roberson
Coker		Gunter		Malven		Robertson
Colbert				Manley		Robinson
Coleman		H		Markham		Rodgers		
Collins		Haddox		Marshall	Roe		
Coody		Hailstock	Martin		Rogers		
Cooper		Hale		Martom		Rose